#poesíacontraelmuro / #poetryvsthewall / #poésievsmur: Luis López-Maldonado, Estados Unidos

En Círculo de poesía, Valparaíso México y el Encuentro Internacional de Poesía Ciudad de México hemos convocado a una acción global de resistencia para contrarrestar los impunes ataques a todas las libertades por parte del tirano estadounidense Donald Trump, poetas de todos los continentes nos envían sus poemas para construir un espacio de entendimiento entre los pueblos del mundo a través de la poesía.




Donald, The Unready

For humanity



Today I have no president.

So help me us God

Because let’s be honest,

Jesus is #boycotting this crap too.


Please raise your right hand

& repeat after :

Republicans, you don’t serve

Trump, you don’t serve

Hate, you won’t serve

History, you will remember ,

You they them them them

You don’t share my heart

You don’t share my home

You don’t share my country

You don’t fit with WE.


Nor the red, white & blue

Will accept going back 300 years for you,

For stars choose when to burn

On their very own,

& then there is white

& as WE the people fly

Up into the white into the bright

Into the cold blue,

Like birds over our capital

With 44 & FLOTUS

Tears of freedom hit our laps

Like holy bombs.


Today puppets across the country rejoice

Today it rains, today our hearts bleed

The unknown, today Lady Liberty knows

Not her people’s hate hate hate,

& when Trumpy took stage & touched Bible

God didn’t stay still like none of us should!

He threw down rain, prayers around the world

The tears of sane Americans everywhere,

Because God is like man:

He will never change.


& if you voted for him,

You’re responsible!

You are a national embarrassment

You are overripe fruit

You are dirty dirty snow

You are broken bones

You are poisonous snakes

You are clearance items

You are burned toast

You are flat tires,

Because we enter an era

Where guns have more rights than women

Where whites embrace a new kind of Hitler

Where selfishness will make enemies

Out of allies across our mother earth.


So listen up:

Americans, stand!

Catholics, stand!

Christians, stand!

Muslims, stand!

Immigrants, stand!

Artists, stand!

Teachers, stand!

Mothers, stand!

Children of the sun, stand!

You you you,

You, stand!


Because WE outnumber them

Because WE are united

Because WE celebrate love

Because love is love is love is love

& hate cannot & will not diminish love:



Know your rights.

Prepare for war.





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